Digital Marketing Career – Future and Scope

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Digital Marketing Career – Future and Scope

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Looking for Digital Marketing Training?

Are you planning to build your career in the field of digital marketing and become a Digital Marketing Expert?

You may have gone through a lot of articles, done a lot of research online but still confused where to start from and where to go

Well, you are not alone. There are many students and fresher having similar challenges, questions and confused.

With 450 million internet users in India, no one can ignore the presence of digital and online media. The growing population of tech-savvy internet users has massively expanded the scope of digital marketing in India and the future is looking great. More and more jobs are being created in India due to digital marketing growth. Digital marketing is one of the most career options that youths are planning to choose. It has huge potential and career growth.

The value of digital marketing is ever-growing, and there is an increasing demand for digital marketing courses for a number of reasons. Furthermore, there is a clear gap between the high demand for digital advertising and the relatively lesser number of skilled digital marketing professionals.

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 Many institutes have opened up to give training on digital marketing, however, is those learning institutes worth of the cost and time people spent on it? I have written a blog before on the same.

To kickstart your career in digital marketing and become a digital marketing specialist and other career opportunities in Digital Marketing join any institute with proper practical knowledge.

What is Future Digital Marketing as a Career?

Digital marketing is a marketing method to promote products online.

The rising trend of people spending more time on digital media and forced businesses to be online. If businesses are not online they don’t exist actually to the potential customers. The demand for knowledgeable digital marketing professionals is growing exponentially and will continue to grow.

It is also true that with the growing demand for digital marketing professionals the mushrooming of digital marketing training centers has come up. And many students are not aware of where to join, what to do further.

A knowledgeable digital marketer will be combined with a wide range of skills which will help them understand, strategize and fulfill the objective of the clients digitally. The ultimate goal is increased sales for a business, and digital marketing is the most efficient manner for reaching this aim.

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Some Facts on Digital Marketing

  1. Google is responsible for 96% of all smartphone search traffic, and 94% of total organic traffic.
  2. Search engines drive 93% of all website traffic
  3. 72% of people who visit a physical location will choose one within 5 miles of their original location.
  4.  18% of all local searches lead to a sale within one day.
  5. 84% of people will abandon a purchase if they’re dealing with an unsecured website.
  6. Video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plain text will.
  7. Only 7% of searchers will ever see the third page of search results.
  8. 64% of online shoppers say that a video on social media helped them make their decision.
  9. 86% of women will look at social media before deciding to make a purchase.
  10. 80% of social media content is being accessed via mobile device.
  11. A mobile special or offer is 10 times more likely to be used than the same offer in print form.
  12. The amount of emails being opened up on mobile devices has grown by 180% in just a few years.
  13. Tweets with images get 150% more retweets than those without.

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How to Get Started in Digital Marketing

The biggest challenge most people face in choosing to make digital marketing their career of choice is the fact that the information available. They don’t exactly don’t know where to start and how to actually practice it.  There are currently several different ways to get started in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is not theory. Digital marketing is practical. You can’t become a digital marketing expert by reading a blog, reading a book or watching video.

Digital marketing theory can be taken online or but practical training is required with a mentor is a must. Without a mentor you may end up in the wrong direction. The theory you can learn anywhere but actual practice is needed and that can be done by an internship at any institutes.

To learn and become a digital marketing professional, you must practice digital marketing with an agency as intern and keep learning new digital marketing techniques. Get in touch with Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer to get further guidence

You must start with understanding digital marketing concepts, tools, marketing concepts, understand business and various web development technologies.

  • Get a mentor and guide for Digital Marketing
  • Start reading Digital marketing blogs and tutorials
  • Start learning online courses of Digital Marketing from Basics
  • Learn Digital marketing terminology
  • Start with SEO and content writing
  • Start your own website and a blog
  • Attend Digital Marketing workshops and seminars
  • .Join good Digital Marketing Agency as Interns


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