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Many businesses engaging in digital marketing campaigns do not fully understand the hows, the whys and what works with their marketing efforts online. They continue with the work as they are doing or as suggested by the agency who is actyally executing the work. Conducting an audit of your digital marketing campaigns is like a self-check routine that allows you to gain considerable understanding of how your digital marketing campaigns are performing and how you can speed things up for your Return of Investment.

Digital marketing audit is a thorough evaluation of your digital marketing work which examines all the aspects of digital marketing done to date. It can be defined as a comprehensive and systematic process of analyzing the activities, techniques and processes used, and overall performance of your digital marketing campaign on a periodic basis. This allows us to identify any weaknesses in current strategies and recommend a refined digital marketing strategy for your business that you can immediately address for continuous improvement. I examine and analyze each channel, work, and result to give better insight. There are practically 3 levels of digital marketing audits that I consider for overall digital marketing campaigns


Digital Health Check

This helps to understand present status of your digital presence, your digital marketing campaign status and performance to identify the levels of engagement, effectiveness of all digital channels for the objective of the business needs, conversion, and overall impact on your business.


Gap Analysis

A deeper analysis of your existing digital marketing structure, campaigns, channels and approach to gain a more detailed understanding of gaps between what exists and what you are aiming for. Here, we can identify which is working which is not, and, can stratezize future course of actions.



This is an assessment of the capabilities and qualifications of your digital marketing team or staff, to identify training requirements to increase knowledge and competencies – to enable them to plan and create digital marketing campaigns that actually bring desirable results. A digital marketing audit will give you insights into how each of your channels is performing so you can define and design a solution that will deliver the results you want.

Digital Audit Services – Finetune your Digital Channels and Presence

Performing regular digital marketing audits will help you identify the areas that are working and which ones need your attention


Why you need Digital Marketing Audit

Business leaders need to understand the strength of their existing digital marketing status and where it is lacking and how it can be improved for better results.It is essential to conduct a digital marketing audit for your brand’s digital presence and efforts. It allows digital marketing consultants to look at your digital landscape using the expertise to study your current digital marketing efforts. and create comprehensive, customized report to help your organization use recommentation and gap analysis most effectively to meet your organization goals. It can help bring you more ROI as well as increase your overall visibility on the internet

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Setting specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound objectives will help you get a better direction and control.


A good digital marketing audit will consist of a thorough infrastructure review to see if it supports your business as it should.


When you’re initiating a content audit, we will check all content in any form from website to video to creatives. 


Campaigns are basically the digital marketing aspects of a digital marketing plan. And there are many types of digital marketing campaigns.


You might want to team up with a digital marketing consulting agency. Having a knowledgeable in-house digital marketeering team is crucial to sustaining long-term digital success


You are paying for services to digital agency.And you want to see returns on your investment. So thorough and results-driven audit of the work is important.

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No matter which digital marketing tactics your company uses to reach your audience, there is a correct way to audit them and evaluate your results.

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