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What is Digital PR? How it can improve your SEO?

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What is Digital PR? How it can improve your SEO?

Digital PR

Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics

In Digital Marketing , Digital PR is a tactic which is used by any brand or business, it is a type of marketing strategy which is used to increase the awareness of your brand by improving its online presence.

Public Relation has always been the centre for Brand’s communication strategy, it helps to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the public by increasing the brand awareness. But in today’s technological world Traditional PR is losing its importance as people have reduced the use of traditional media such as newspaper, magazines and video, instead they have started using online platforms more.

Fundamentally the mission of Traditional PR and Digital PR is the same, the core objective of both is to build brand awareness, which is to help improve a brand’s reputation and increase their visibility among the members of the target audience.

But there is a difference between Traditional PR and Digital PR

The goal of Traditional PR is to reach out to a large number of people through the platforms which offers one way communication and the chance of feedback is very  limited and it is very difficult to track the success rate as it uses mediums like newspaper , magazines and press release.

On the other hand the objective of Digital PR is similar to that of Traditional PR, but they differ in some areas, the objective of Digital PR remains the same which is reaching out to a large number of audience, however most of the networking and communication is done through online and social media platform. Digital PR is effective  over Traditional PR as many business houses irrespective of their sizes use Digital platform as it is cost effective and is easier to target potential customers as well as it is easy to keep track of the success rate.

Digital PR can aslo be used as a tool to improve SEO ranking but how?

Digital Public Relation has a large impact on where your website rank on the Search Engine. Search Engine now a days gives importance to the quality backlinks from high domain authority websites. SEO and PR started working together when Google started giving importance to the quality and the relevance of the content, a good quality content and links are what which binds SEO and Digital PR together.

Now the question arises that how Digital PR and SEO work  together?

Earlier SEO did not play much role in the Traditional PR, but with Digital PR becoming more increasingly important SEO has now become an impotant aspect of it.

So let us see how Digital PR helps in SEO

Influencer Marketing is a powerful tool to improve your SEO, so working with influencers is a great chance to get quality backlinks that will help in improving your website ranking, suppose If you are working with any influencer blogger then it’s obvious that he or she should be having their own website, and they would be having access to other high authority websites and if they share the link of your website’s content and blogs  the it would increase the chance of other people also to share your website link thus  creating a chance to get quality backlinks and to boost up your website ranking.

We all know that one of the most difficult task of SEO is getting backlinks and getting backlinks from a high quality sites are even harder. Digital Press release is also one of the tactics by which one can improve their website ranking.

Having information about your company or any event related to your company published on big news sites is not only beneficial for your brand but also helps to improve SEO. If the publisher starts talking about you then it will be easier for your website to get quality backlinks.

However new age Digital PR works with online platforms such as; Cision, Muck Rack, BuzzStream etc. These tools send out a Press release or news story to a collected contact list via an email in bulk.

There are more Digital PR Strategies that helps in getting backlinks which include

  • Publishing online articles to get high quality links
  • Networking with Journalist and Editors also helps in getting backlinks
  • Affiliate programmes that pay a commission to bloggers who refer customers to your business
  • Offline press events or blogger events that aim to gain online coverage
  • Social Media is a Godsend for Digital PR and sometimes it can be successful if done correctly.

With the advancement of technology digital PR is the most useable and straightforward way to increase your online presence, helps in targeting audience and to identify bloggers and influencers. Digital PR not only helps in growing business but it also helps in establishing connection with people which are essential for a business to grow.

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