Digital Marketing Consultant in Kolkata

Digital Marketing Consulting with Right Strategy & Training

Digital Marketing Consulting with the Right Strategy

Digital marketing is the new way to create brand awareness. You cannot ignore digital marketing in today’s era. Digital marketing is the fastest, most effective way to reach your customers. I combine the right strategies with the right digital media mix for a particular business for better visibility, lead generation. and conversions. Every business is unique, I work with the most appropriate digital channels and focus to get maximum ROI from Digital Media channels. I believe that digital strategy, business strategy and business planning should be integrated together to achieve the best overall outcome.

Growth, ROI and profitability depend on right strategic planning, yet many companies do not approach their business and marketing activities strategically or with proper research or planning. I believe strategic planning is the basic key of any successful initiative in business and therefore produce intelligent, data-based, thorough business and marketing plans to get a great result from Digital Marketing.



As a Digital Marketing Consultant based in Kolkata, I meet many new businesses people each and every week to listen to their business challenges and for us to suggest is solutions through digital media.

Step one is for us to meet and talk details – this cannot happen without you letting us know. Meeting and discussing on the table is important. I aim to establish a long term working relationship with our clients by providing the best information and strategy for their business.

Mr.Mandal has trained teams on SEO, PPC, general digital strategy and branding. These can take the format of simple short 3-hour immersion sessions or longer full-day training courses.

Mr. Mandal helps to solve business growth challenges with best digital marketing strategies. With our digital consultancy and the kind of knowledge and breadth of experience that can really transform your digital presence online.

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