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When you search for the best SEO expert in Kolkata, You come up with the best SEO optimized pages in Google search. As a Digital marketing consultant and Expert in SEO Kolkata,  and having career experience of about 14 years in Digital Marketing, I have learned how to understand the business. As SEO is dynamic and changing day by day, I keep a track and research on the SEO changes. No one know the exact algorithm that Google Search Engine follows, however, there are some guidelines from Google that we follow. But that guideline is not sufficient, we need to observe and research a lot of other things to rank it on Google. Content plays the most important part.

SEO expert in Kolkata

I work with companies nation-wide, but often I consult with companies in Kolkata area. Because of the Internet, it doesn’t really matter where your company is physically located! What matters is that you want to get to the top of Google’s search engine, using search engine optimization, and I can consult with you on your digital marketing needs. Being a Digital Marketing Consultant and SEO Expert, I provide professional SEO consulting, Digital Marketing Consulting and training based on the requirement. I work proactively as your SEO consultant to get the best-desired results as per the objective.

Whether you’re a small or large company, presence on Google search is very much important for the organization. It’s important to understand that SEO is an investment, not a short-term thing. It is a marathon, not short term. SEO is all about generation organic traffic, out of the content.

SEO is not just about keywords, meta-tags and the various backlinks stuff? Search engines have been continually evolving, and what worked few years ago won’t necessarily work today. It’s important to understand how the major search engines like Google works. To provide the most relevant results, Google uses highly complex algorithms and iit continues to update with over 200 ranking factors. As such, we need to cater to much of the essential signals to Google’s Search bots about our websites.

Performance is what client partners get when they hire as their search engine optimization (SEO) consultant. In addition to providing training, I help streamline research, strategy and implementation of technical SEO programs and other aspects of digital marketing. . It allows me to address issues, identify organic search opportunities.

My SEO capabilities provide flexibility for client partners. This allows them to get the most from their engagement. No matter the current position in search, I can create an SEO program fit specifically for improving localized SEO efforts, location SEO efforts and other factors which impact the business online.

Few Factors which I used to identify and work

  • Goal Assessment – what are your SEO goals? It is to drive web traffic? Is it to get registrations? Without a clear idea of your goals, you will never know if you succeed.
  • Keywords – Keywords are the foundation of good Internet marketing and SEO. I work to develop a robust, insightful keyword worksheet.
  • On Page Optimization –. I will identify the best method for you and position your keywords.
  • Off Page Optimization – Getting links is just the beginning. There are many tricks to the trade of link generation. Will do whatever required for the Keyword ranking
  • Metrics – Google Analytics and beyond. Today everything is about metrics, including. Let me teach you the best ways to get metrics.

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